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Forecasting anything for an entire year can be difficult, and forecasting mortgage rates for 2014 is no different.  However, there are a few factors that we know about that will most definitely affect mortgage rates this year.  Those include the end of QE3, the improving economy and the yield on ...
Have you ever wondered about the history of New Year's Resolutions?  Historians have traced the history back to the Babylonians who would use the new year as a time to make amends for the wrongdoings of the past year.  You can find out more about the history in this week's Realtor Snapshot by cli...
Why is the G-Fee being increased?  To answer this question, we must understand what the G-Fee is and what it means for mortgage rates.  Find out all of this and more in this week's Realtor Snapshot by clicking the photo. Hopefully this helped clarify what the G-Fee is and what it means to you.  D...
In this week's Military Moment, we discuss how you can use your military housing allowance when applying for a home loan. Click the photo below to watch the video. Remember, at Summit Lending, we specialize in VA loans, so if you are in need of a VA loan or know someone who is call us today!
This will be a volatile week for mortgage rates as we are all interested in the Federal Open Market Committee meeting on Wednesday.  As we wait for the Federal Reserve's tapering decision, we know that if the Fed begins to taper, it will likely drive mortgage rates up.  You can get the full story...
For qualified veterans, a VA loan is a great product and refinancing with a VA loan may be easier than you think! Basically, there are two reasons why you may want to refinance with a VA loan.  The first scenario is you are currently in a conventional loan and want to refinance to get into a VA l...
On Friday, the FHA announced new loan limits for 2014 in Mortgagee Letter 13-43.  Not all counties will be affected, but 650 areas were deemed higher cost and will now have their maximum loan amounts reduced.  Find out which counties were affected, how numbers were calculated and what you should ...
Tuesday was the second annual "Giving Tuesday," so I wanted to give you some gift ideas for a Holiday Toy Drive if you wish to participate in one this holiday season.  Toy drives are a great way to spread the holiday cheer and isn't that really what this time of year is all about?  Here are just ...
So, what's the deal with Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detectors?  You may have heard that they are now required in new homes, but did you know that the VA requires them when refinancing or purchasing a home using a VA loan?  Click below and watch this week's Military Moment to get the scoop... If yo...
Mortgage rates are not going up nearly as fast as the national flood insurance rates!  Mortgage rates are always well publicized,  but they may not have nearly the effect as the current legislation that is about to go into effect.  You can find out all about this new legislation in this week's Re...

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