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In this week's Military Moment we discuss appraisals, VA appraisals in particular.  A clean appraisal is important to any real estate transaction, and today we discuss a couple details that you may want to know before the VA appraiser comes out to appraise the property.  The Veteran's Administrat...
There's been a lot of talk lately on how the weather affects the economy.    What exactly does that mean?  Find the answer as well as get updated on current mortgage rates in this week's Realtor Snapshot.  Click the photo for full access:   We update our Realtor Snapshot page weekly, so if it is ...
If you are obtaining a VA loan, how can you determine what your VA funding fee will be?  We answer this question in this week's Military Moment video.  Be sure to watch the video and then click here for more information that will help you determine your VA funding fee.  Click the photo to watch t...
In the US as a whole, lenders reposessed fewer homes in January bringing the number of foreclosed homes to the lowest level in 6 years.  Looks like the housing market is looking a little brighter these days.   You can get more details as well as the current trends in mortgage rates by viewing our...
If you've ever wondered how the Non-Farm Payroll report affects mortgage rates, we have the answer for you.  In general, the report looks at the number of jobs gained or lost in the last month (not including jobs related to the farming industry).  An increase in jobs tells us the economy is doing...
In this week's episode of Military Moment, we discuss a simple credit score tip that could help you tremendously.  For a simple tip that could really help you in raising your credit score, click the photo below and watch this week's Military Moment video. Be sure to share this credit score tip wi...
The Department of Veteran Affairs backed 630,000 mortgages in fiscal year 2013.  VA loans have seen tremendous growth due in large part to low interest rates and a more restrictive lending market making conventional and FHA financing more difficult to secure.  You can read more about this and fin...
Recently I had a borrower that wanted to purchase a property using a VA loan, and they informed me that they had a foreclosure in their past that was now 3 years old.  After running their credit, I noticed a couple things that were just not lining up as they should.  I did some investigating and ...
According to NAR's most recent housing report, home sales are NOT being dampened by mortgage rates.  In 2013, home sales actually rose to the strongest levels they've been in 7 years.  You can read the full report and find out more about this topic in this week's Realtor Snapshot by clicking the ...
If you are in the process or thinking of obtaining a VA loan and are NOT reinlisting after obtaining your VA loan, you definitely want to read this.  As I recently learned through a transaction I was helping a client with, if you are obtaining a VA loan and will not be reinlisting after receiving...

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