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There are absolutely fabulous deals right now if you are looking to buy a home or investment property in Boise, Idaho.  Prices are down, and sellers need to compete with short sales and REOs (bank-owned properties) if they want to sell.  The question is how do you compare homes and find the real ...
You can get all kinds of different advice about having your home on the market over the holidays. The fact is that fewer buyers are looking during this time, but those who are looking are serious. Few people would choose to look at real estate in Boise in the winter if they did not need to move. ...
  The media tells us daily that nothing is selling.  Home sellers, buyers, and even real estate agents believe it.  Why?  What is it about us that makes us take what we hear on TV or read in the paper as gospel?  The reality is things are selling in Ada County.  Why aren't we hearing about this i...
Everything you hear about real estate these days is bad, bad, bad. But, if you happen to own a home in Boise's Northend, the news is much brighter. Now, I'm not saying that prices haven't dropped a bit - they have. We have not been affected nearly as much as many places in the U.S., and not even ...

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