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Steve Hoffacker, CAPS, MCSP, MIRM (Hoffacker Associates LLC, West Palm Beach, FL), is an award-winning international naging-in-place instructor as well as a well respected author and instructor in the field of universal design.
  Dale has a very good post about the history of Memorial Day whioch is very well illustrated. This is a great read and will help with your understanding and observance of the day.    Show Honor to our Great Country's Military Men and Women Everyday, Memorial Day, an American Holiday which is now...
  Need a somber reminder of what Memorial Day is all about? Here's a repost from Teral. No words, other than from Jesus in John. Just look and reflect.    No Greater Love - Inspirational Sunday       Like what your are reading - to subscribe click on the house.          Author Teral McDowell  
  As we take time this wwekend, but especially the observance of Memorial Day on Monday, to reflect on the debt we owe the American servicemen and women - and the Allies who served along side them - we are grateful.    Originally known as Decoration Day, it was a day that organized women’s groups...
  The message is clear - so is the opportunity. This weekend we pause, reflect, honor, and remember our service men and women.. Wanda's graphic and simple message is very appropriate.    Honoring Our Military ~ Memorial Day 2012 Aside from the activities you may attend for the Memorial Day weeken...
I've been planning this for a while, so here goes. An AR group just for black and white photos. They can be current or vintage - or anywhere in between. They can be of any subject. I like photos that speak for themselves or through the title, but you can add a story if you feel its need it.I will...
In addition to my AR blog and its outside equivalent "Steve Hoffacker's Sales Quips" I maintain a blog on called "Steve Hoffacker's Home Sales Insights."I also post on "Steve Hoffacker's Snippets" on Tumblr and "Steve Hoffacker's Focus" on YouTube.Then there are the micro-posts I do o...
Coffee is a wonderful beverage, and every attempt to prove it ain't so comes up short.There have been many recent studies trying to show that coffee increases cholesterol and blood pressure and that it contributes to other conditions. All ended up proving that coffee had substantial health benefi...
SpaceX (a California-based aerospace company) is planning on launching its Dragon space capsule early Saturday morning (before dawn) from the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.The launch was supposed to take place a couple of weeks ago but was delayed. SpaceX is optimistic about the success of the...
I just got an email from an online retailer promoting low prices, and the subject line was "You could be saving money right now."I thought to myself, I am saving money right now because I am not buying anything at the moment - online or in-person. Therefore, I am saving money right now. Thanks fo...
Love a great, smooth cup of coffee? Black coffee? Full strength, caffeinated coffee? Me, too. Several times a day.I have discovered on occasional, in various offices I have visited that when I get an overly strong cup of coffee, a weak cup, or a bitter one, that it invariably has been made by som...

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