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Steve Hoffacker, CAPS, MCSP, MIRM (Hoffacker Associates LLC, West Palm Beach, FL), is an award-winning international naging-in-place instructor as well as a well respected author and instructor in the field of universal design.
  This is a gorgeous photo that John is aharing with us - one that is well composed and framed and so bright. Just a happy photo and great to view. A Colorful Albuquerque Morning  Wordless Wednesday If you’re in need of a Realtor® to assist you with the purchase or sale of an Albuquerque, Rio Ran...
In March last year, Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) was introduced. Now, 17 months later, Microsoft is advertising it on TV like it just came out.It's a decent browser - certainly much better than IE8 - but why all the delayed hype?I understand IE10 is almost ready for release, but since there is no in...
Between what online exposure AR affords me, what I have created with my relatively new website blog, I have seen remarkable recent results. I have reported on several already in the past couple of weeks. Here's another SEO success story.For the long-tail search term "sales trainers for onsite new...
The 4th of July is a fantastic holiday. Not only does it fall in the middle of the year, there is nothing particularly associated with the day except celebrating.This day is not for any certain beliefs or cultures. It's not gender or age based. It's not a memorial day (except for all the sacrific...
  This is such a beautiful mountain strem shot that you can nearly feel the mist of the stream as it flows over rocks on its way downstream. We live in such a beautiful and abundant place! Be thankful and remember all the beauty and blessings we have no matter what state you live in. We are truly...
  Most every community has a gathering place for coffee and a sensible meal. I like Dale's post of his "Common Man" restaurant. What a great name for a restaurant. Sounds and looks like the kind of place I'd like.    The Common Man Restaurant in Downtown Claremont New Hampshire, folks whether if ...
A recent study on the effects of drinking coffee show that moderate consumption in people over 65 (3 or so cups a day - but what is considered a cup?) prevents Alzheimer symptoms from developing. A study by the University of South Florida published a year ago tipped us off to this. Now their most...
  As the years pass, today's D-Day event plus 68 years is not remembered or talked about as much as when so many of the people who parrticipated in it were still with us. This is a great tribute to those who answered the call.    In Commemoration of the 68th Anniversary of D-Day June 6, 1944 Toda...
 Sometimes things aren't clear or easy to recognize. There may be things clouding our perspective - or the ability for others to see us. Still, when we have the confidence to break away and stand outside the clutter, people can see us for who and what we are.   ─Visit my website or go to "Aging-I...
Monday holidays are great - while they're happening. We get a long or longer weekend. Maybe sleep in, do some yardwork, play with the kids, and just have some time for ourselves. Many times, the public doesn;t expect us to be working - since they're not - and we escape with few or no phone calls....

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Certified Aging In Place Specialist-Instructor
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