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I’ve probably driven by the front entrance to John S. Park Elementary a hundred times. I’ve even gone in thru these doors to vote. Yet somehow, I never noticed the stick figure student holding up the arched awning. I drove by last night and it was so obvious in the dark with the backlighting, th...
I was certainly flattered by the number of VVV readers who sought me out to say hello while I was directing traffic on one of the very narrow staircases up to the 3rd floor rooftop level. I was real busy all day, and my feet still hurt, but it was an amazing experience not only for me, but for t...
I’m not an accountant, or statistician or bean counter. I’ve never been inclined to be any of them. I hold my own pretty well when talking and working with number crunchers, but I get no personal pleasure out of crunching numbers. I’m about 10% pessimist. Yea, maybe the RJ is right. If they are, ...
This is a VVV exclusive, as the story hasn’t been told anywhere else. I heard from a friend that Liberace had designed, but never lived in one of the Tudor Townhomes in Forest Hills. I dug a little deeper, and got introduced to the owners, who graciously allowed the first look at the newly resto...

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