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                         THE STATUE OF LIBERTY TURNS 125 TODAY OCTOBER 28, 2011 The Statue of liberty was designed by Frédéric Bartholdi and dedicated on October 28, 1886. The statue, a gift to the United States from the people of France, is of a robed female figure representing of freedom, who b...
Tonight I am going to Scarehouse.  The #1 Haunted House in the Country.  I have never been there but really looking forward to going.    My girlfriend is into things like this and I think now would be great for her.  She recently had a battle with ovarian cancer so the last 12 months have been ro...
I don't know about other Realtors out there but this is my best year to date in the business.  The business is moving in a great professional manner.  I think the economy and slower market has weeded out the "Not so serious" agents out there.  Houses are going to be selling regardless of whats go...
I have been buying and selling houses for 10 years.  Im looking for anyone that has a client(s) that needs to get their house dealt with fast.  If you have any clients that need to get out from under their mortgage in one way or another I may be interested in it. Im looking in South Butler County...
I just heard on a business radio station that the housing market is better now than it was in the last 2 years (Which we all know) and that if congress helps keep interest rates around where they are at now (3.75) that we are gong to see a lot more transactions between buyers and sellers in 2012....
Questions Buyers need to be asked by a professional real estate agent; When are you looking to move?Whats more important to you, the price or the monthly payment?Are you paying cash or planning on getting a mortgage?(if a mortgage) Have you talked to a mortgage rep or a banker yet?If so, can I ge...
I have had owners of houses already listed ask me what I thought their house should be listed at.  That is a touchy area to be put in.. any advice that we give a seller that has a house listed with another agent is like watering a fire with gasoline.  We are going to end up burning ourselves.  Wh...
                                                                          8516 Dersam Has in house alarm system, Jacuzzi tub, Handicap ramp from rd to house, Large deck, Big Rooms, Spacious Closets, Hardwood floors Price is $20,000 Needs some work... Paint, carpet and a furnace and hot water tank...
I'm not much of a cat person but this is a cool picture with the caption.  We as humans are the only creatures in this world that can laugh, and we also have the most emotions.  There is no smiling in this picture but you can see in her eyes that she is happy.   
Guys.... The next time you think your having a bad day, just be thankful your not that dog.  Fall is here and winter is not that far behind so keep smart ladies and gentlemen.  If you think about it... why is it always the guys getting their tongues stuck to flagpoles and apparently other things...

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