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My best buddy escaped from the wood picket fence that surronds the rental that we are renting here in Oak Creek,Colorad lo and behold he got ahold of some tainted food and become sick and so we had  take Oliver to the Vet" The Vet and Oliver knew that each other needed to work as a team for him t...
Friends of Mine That I Miss in Parts of Oregon Debra Angus The Goddess of Hair (503)325-2950 We you have a muss!or fuss you call her for all of those ugly tangles! Cindy Steimer RE/MAX A great person and  yo" Remember REBAC!!! Jay Englund And his kinfolk over in Astoria,Oregon, Linda Ziak In Asto...
Life in the Oc is mudane you can walk the whole town in less than an hr' From my wife and my home we can spot the  post office and each day is walk to the post office " And see who and want is posted on the Post Office. The First Year that we lived here I was not able to comprehend a  town that ...
  I need some more cookies And if my master cannot find any more buyers he will not know what  to do??! He has been showing me the Mls hot sheets for Colorado and Oregon and If I was able to sign a contract I would be buying And yes there are many good mortgages out there.. Please make me happy! ...
Arr" It is hard to find donations for the Boys And Girls Club in  your local area" Have any of you in Active Rain Land tried to get something of value in your community and  found people that donating $ 5.00 each was hard to do for something that will help your community and your youths Anyway I ...
Guese What We are Getting The Boys And Girls Club of America here in The Oak Creek" They have one in Craig, Colorado And all of the support has come from Steamboat a nearby town 22 miles. We owe credit  to our 1 man chief of Police Russell who fought for it to come here.. Thank You. Call The Oak ...
Seven thousand feet up in the Colorado Rockies, nestled quietly below one of the largest ski mountains in North America, sits a small ranching community that serves as a constant reminder that the Old West is alive and well. Never far from its ranching roots, Steamboat remains firmly linked to a...
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