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Industry Observer - No Longer Processing Mortgages. - MLO #293441 expired
My wife and I are Thankful for 41 Years together.  We had the opportunity to take last week off, and enjoy our anniversary while watching the waves on the Oregon coast.  Due to the storm that moved through the first couple days we were there, we got to see some really great crashing waves.  The w...
Auburn Washington Veterans' Day Parade    The 47th Auburn Washington Veterans' Day Parade will be held Saturday, November 10th at 11 am. The parade boasts almost 200 units and over 5,500 parade participants, travelling over a one mile route.  This year there were so many groups seeking to partici...
Be Thankful #7 -- looks like I lost another day somehow. Oh well, today I am thankful for good automotive mechanics (at Halladay's Automotive) who will take care of getting my oil changed in timely manner, even when I just drop in, without an appointment.
Inconsistent Voters - Pierce County, WA Well, it looks like the voters of Pierce County (largest city - Tacoma) Washington, have done it again.  They have overwhelmingly voted for state initiative requiring 2/3 vote of Legislature to raise taxes, they also agreed that should be the rule in the co...
RESPA - Limiting Fees (sometimes).   Tracy Lee Parker wrote a blog about RESPA (Real Estate Settlement Practices Act) helping bring down closing costs, and that gave me an idea for this quick explanation of what RESPA does and doesn't limit in the loan process. The limits are on the plus side of ...
I am very thankful for my very loving and supportive wife, who puts up with my full time job (mortgage loan officer), part time job (pastor) and my running for public office (in addition to the other committees, groups I participate in). Thank you Valerie!!!
Election Day is Special -- I am waiting to see how I did in the race for a state legislative seat in the Washington Legislature.  It has been an interesting campaign - the biggest negative my opponent sent out - was a postcard, sent jointly with another candidate, complaining that I (and the othe...
Being Thankful #4 -- Here it is only five days into the month, and I am already a day behind on my Be Thankful posts.  I am thankful that I was able to spend time with fellow minister yesterday before and after service, and that the weather cooperated for our trip on the ferry.  We didn't get to ...
Setting Clocks back tonight before you go to bed can get a lot of things working better for you in the day ahead.  You won't be early for your appointments.  You won't have clocks that are giving various times tomorrow.  You will find that you may even get an extra hour of sleep.  Of course, you ...
How Dry I Am!  NOT! A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog about the fact that we had gone about 80 days with less than .04" of precipitation here in the Seattle-Tacoma area of Washington State. Now here it is the first of November, and things have turned around completely.  The dry spell lasted through...

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