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One of my newly licenced real estate friends, whom I sold a home to a few years ago, told me that on the east coast, most agents work a full time job and sell real estate on the side. When transitioning into real estate, I found I was only effective when I became proficient and was committed to addressing my clients' needs. I have known of a few people who successfully balanced both, but they specialize in a field of real estate. I wish everyone luck in the new environment.
The cumulative effect of living and working in a community for a period of years is measured by how much you will be missed if you no longer participate. When I'm making a call inviting an agent into our working group, I am often met with "what does it have to offer to my advantage?"  After speak...
Within the past week, two knowledgable bank owned listing agent resources have mentioned that we're only about 1/3 through the reo, or bank owned properties that will be listed for sale.  A few of my clients wonder if we are experiencing a dip in housing prices for homes for sale, and I would res...
I find it ironic that the banks that received bailout money are now offering homes for sale that are in substandard condition, not even financable in some cases.  Conventional home buyers are unable to compete for these purhases in that they have to enter the rehab loan arena, and go up against c...
The spring bump is here and home buyers are looking to get into their new homes at the beginning of summer!  Rates are as low as they can get, and reo s abound driving the average home sellers' prices down.  Calling all clients who would like to grab while the grabbing is good.  I am going back i...
One of my newly licensed real estate friends, whom I sold a home to afew years ago, told me that on the east coast, most agents work full time jobs and sell real estate on the side.  When I transitioned into real estate, I found I only became proficient when I concentrated on my clients interests...

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