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PROPERTY TAXES AND ESCROW PROPERTY TAXES ARE PRORATED IN ESCROW Review the estimated HUD and call escrow BEFORE it closes if you have any questions regarding how the taxes are prorated.  PROPERTY TAXES WILL BE HELD FROM SELLER'S PROCEEDS IF THEY ARE SHOWING UNPAID UNLESS... The seller sends us a ...
A lot of questions have been asked recently about the actual time line for a foreclosure. I think this is probably because properties have been languishing in "foreclosure hell" for months and months. So to set the record straight, here is the official time line that title companies issuing the T...
This is a buyer's market so obviously the numbers are encouraging to them, not sellers.  But, if you think the market is stagnant, if you think people are sitting around waiting, you would be wrong.  It is not unusual for any property under $600,000, but especially for a bank owned one to have 6 ...
Real Estate Economics, a homebuilder consulting firm in Irvine has this to say about the Orange County housing market: "Opportunity/Risk Index currently resides slightly below equilibrium, but the trend is toward equilibrium.  Any O/R index above equilibrium represents market opportunity, and any...
This is probably the biggest hurdle the real estate industry has to get over in the minds of consumers.  Unfortunately a lot of the news out there is the dismal outlook for national housing.  Regions such as the mid-west, specific cities such as Detroit, or sub-prime havens such as Riverside and ...
I interviewed Bill Daniels of Wells Fargo in Yorba Linda August 4, 2008 regarding the recent House bill.  Click on the video for the interview of Bill pointing out some of the highlights regarding the bill.  

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