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I blame the media. Sure, you can find and pick at plenty of negatives (the economy, unemployment, foreclosures, etc.,) but there are some very powerful reasons why anyone who needs a new home should be seriously looking to buy now!  BuilderRadio just did an interview with Ross Robbins, The Homebu...
BuilderRadio interviews Sundeep Kapur, The Email Yogi. “Marketing is all about knowing what other people want, and the best way to do it is to have an interactive conversation,” says Sundeep Kapur.  Marketing has always been an interactive exercise: message, call to action, response.  But the met...
Where do new homebuyers come from?  If you say they come from your brilliant advertising, then good.  If you think they come from your perfect location, that’s okay, too.  But, in both cases, you’re missing something.  Something big.  In fact, you’re overlooking the biggest and best source of new...
Adrian Miller, of Adrian Miller Sales Training, talks with Scott Stroud and Jerry Rouleau about the sobering facts of selling new homes in the current market. Remember the movie scene where Jack Nicholson told Tom Cruise, “You can’t handle the truth?” When it comes to your own sales skills and ac...
BuilderRadio Interviews Robert August, S. Robert August Co.  Greenwood Village, CO How much of your sales training has been focused on overcoming objections?  If you’re like me, it’s a lot.  “When the customer says ‘no,’” the saying goes, “that’s when the selling begins.”  Robert August suggests ...
BuilderRadio interviews Donna Shirey, Shirey Contracting, Issaquah, WATo listen to an audio recording of this blog interview, go to How does a remodeling company distinguish itself from other companies in a competitive market? To answer that question we asked Donna Shirey. S...

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