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You know the two most important things you should never talk  about in conversation, social media and at cocktail parties are politics and religion. I am about to break one of those rules. I am a woman of God and have been my entire life. I have been raised in the Lutheran Church and spent my ent...
I am often reminded about the need and value of good leadership.Recently I had some clients who were first-time home buyers.They were being very particular about their choice for their first home which I totally support.My main focus is to find them the right house that "feels right" to them. Whe...
I know that friends, family and those who know, like and trust you are always the best forgetting referrals and activity in your Real Estate Practice.There are also hundreds, perhaps thousands! of other ways to market yourself and your listings.What I would like to start here is a community discu...
When anyone speaks about marketing on the Internet, the subject of video almost always comes up. Should you add video to your marketing? What sort of video should you be sending? What should it say? Who should be the person in the video? Where can I post it? How do I get the best message recorded...
Positive energy, success, positive energy, success.....any more questions? The purpose for any business is to provide an answer to a problem someone is willing to pay for the solution to. How are you doing with that? My hope is you all are doing really well. My desire is for all who are truly INT...
Hello Rain! I am happy to announce that our Real Estate business is rolling right along. I believe that as so many times after an election and a change of parties, people get scared and angry and frustrated and and etc et al...... I am seeing many folks just pulling up their bootstraps and gettin...
I just returned from a 7day mission trip to south Dallas Texas. The opportunities to witness and meet people were boundless and fruitful. Our mission team consisted of 20 middle school aged youth and 7 adults. If you are not familiar with south Dallas, it has reached notoriety as being one of the...
If you have been in this business a while chances are you have listened to consultants at one time or another. They all have great things to say and will give to you, (for a nominal fee), the success system that will propel your business into the stratosphere. I was wondering, as I do a lot...., ...
Are you a real pro at the Real Estate game? Do you constantly exceed your, as well as others, expectations? If so, would you care to share any of your tricks? The fundamentals we all know. Perhaps we do not execute to peak performance every day?? Here are a few starter, nib-lets. - Always maintai...
Has anyone out there in the Active Rain community attended any of Mark Mcclure's, Ruthless Entrepreneur seminars? I would like your feedback. The web address is It appears that this US Marine has indeed been there and done that in many places. I look forward to comments f...

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