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  Reports are revealing that the average Home values has fell two trillion dollars this year, and most likely it will continue to fall until 2011. My question to homeowners is will you cut your losses now and get out while you can or do you continue to hold on and take the wait and see approach. ...
"News Clues" Solid Source Family First Realty Today's "News Clues" is about the "Hope for Homeowners" Federal Mortgage Program. Protect your client and your commission. There was a program passed into law this summer for homeowners trying to renegotiate their mortgages named "HOPE for Homeowners,...
ATTENION REALTORS!!! On October 24, between the hours of 11am-3pm Solid Source Family First Realty is having an open House.  I would love for you to attend the welcoming party at the office for our new sponsors. Join us at the Solid Source Family for a day of fun, food, and gifts.  Morris, Hardw...

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