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"It's official: The U.S. government hit the debt ceiling on May 16, 2011" - CNN Money The United States of America will run out of money to meet it's financial obligations unless the debt ceiling is raised by August 2, 2011. The bottom line is that each day the government spends more money than i...
"Out Of Our Hair" How cool is this 400 pound wooden comb? The strands of "hair" in the teeth of the comb are made of powder coated steel. Stewart Penn - Penn Properties - Condo Specialist Los Angeles: 8033 W. Sunset Blvd., Suite 608, Los Angeles, CA 90046 Direct: 310-844-6515   Cell: 310-866-1818...
    Stewart Penn - Penn Properties - Condo Specialist Los Angeles: 8033 W. Sunset Blvd., Suite 608, Los Angeles, CA 90046 Direct: 310-844-6515   Cell: 310-866-1818 Palm Springs: 1775 E. Palm Canyon Dr., Suite 110-360, Palm Springs, CA 92264 Direct: 760-992-5788   Cell: 310-866-1818 Stewart Penn -...
"First-class passengers aboard some Malaysia Airlines flights won't have to worry about being woken up by a crying baby anymore". The Australian Business Traveller reports that the airline has banned infants in first class of its Boeing 747-400 jets, and has plans to do the same in their new Airb...
"Palm Springs No. 1 in California in gay couple cohabitation" - The Desert Sun, June 27, 2011 "Palm Springs has the highest concentration of same-sex couples living together in California, new findings from the 2010 Census show". Having a home in both West Hollywood (CA) and Palm Springs (CA) I f...
"The Boat" - $299.00 plus shipping Height: 22"  Length: 30"  Approximately 13.5" from side-to-side Made of strong fibreglass and powder coasted steel to withstand all weather conditions. Just Modern Inc. 1775 E. Palm Canyon Drive Suite 110-360, Palm Springs, CA 92264 Te...
I recently needed to see a doctor in Palm Springs for a persistent sore throat. I checked the Blue Shield website to find a list of approved health-care providers and called several of the general practitioners, only to be told they could see me in two or three days. That didn't seem right, so I...
"Gadget" - "any object that is interesting for its ingenuity or novelty rather than for its practical use". Ever since I saw my first James Bond movie I've been intrigued with gadgets. So when I saw a device that can turn your smartphone into a Unversal Remote Control, it got my attention. Griffi...
I have a real problem with Strategic Defaults. It relates to the morality and integrity of the individual choosing this course of action. "Strategic Default" - "A strategic default is the decision by a borrower to stop making payments (i.e., to default) on a debt despite having the financial abil...
"What is that?" I recently saw a container full of this strange-looking plastic thing at "Koffi" in Palm Springs, California. I couldn't figure out what this was for ..... Can you? Stewart Penn - Penn Properties - Los Angeles Condo Specialist Los Angeles: 8033 W. Sunset Blvd., Suite 608, Los Ange...


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