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With all the disparaging news about the housing slump across the country, there seems to be one area of the housing market that is holding it's own. Apparently with the rise in the stock market, huge gains in income and the influx of foreign investors, the upper end housing market is still sellin...
It seems to me over the past month, the highest percentage of calls as a Branch Manager that I have received have been mostly from borrowers desperate to to be approved for a loan so they can purchase a home. I'm not talking about the obvious ones you know are trying to pull something and commit ...
Ok...normally I wouldn't write a blog about a subject like this because it is a fluff piece, but sometimes you just have to take a break from sub-prime woes, whether or not Option Arms are good or have been created by Satan himself, to use FHA or not, how can I change my site to get a better SEO ...
With all the mortgage companies that have gone bust and closed, according to the latest addition of the Mortgage Lender Implode site which now stands at 99, I was wondering with many of the big banks purchasing all the loans from these defunct companies,  and with the foreclosure rate increasing ...
Perusing around the internet I came across some interesting statistics from the Mid-Year California Association of Realtors Report that I thought many of us would find interesting especially in this current market. As we are all struggling through this time of higher interest rates and slow movin...
The reason I am writing this, is due to the fact I had a client who recently tried to sell a home he had inherited from his parents. When there is a death in the family, many thoughts and feelings go through our minds. But once the wills are read, and the paperwork begins to settle, we eventually...
The internet can be a wondrous thing. At your fingertips you can have a site such as Active Rain that allows you to converse with other loan officers and real estate agents. You can even advertise your services and order almost anything you desire. A new plasma TV, camera, computer, and oh ya, ev...
The How-To Manual That You Can Edit How to Make Office DartsA boring day at the office can be remedied by an impromptu game of darts during coffee break, but your boss probably won't be receptive to your bringing a dartboard to work. Instead, you can make darts and a dartboard out of common thing...

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