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Snowbird Property or Vacation property have tax advantages similar to your Primary Residence.The major tax benefit is the value of the use of the property on a rent-free and tax-free basis.Property taxes and qualified home interest are deductible on an individual's federal income tax return.Snowb...
The first thing we tell anyone who inquires is they may want to have a "Home Inspection" BEFORE you list your property for sale, it can save you thousands and perhaps even save your sale. If you can afford $250-$350, it is well worth it and here is why. If you wait until you have a buyer or offer...
Kind of funny, just found this "Snowbird" blog site a few days ago, seems a lot of Realtors have time on their hands, If you want to make a good living, I'd suggest to get off the PC playing card, get out of the office and get to work cold calling... You can wait for business to come to you, or g...
Any Seasoned or New Realtors Challenge is "How to Make it Big" and be successful, the money will follow. It's called working 24/7, not having a real life to start but it will all pay off in the long run... First Promote Yourself running local Ads, TV if you can, walk door to door, solicit develop...
Snowbird... Near Quote from ( memory) Websters Dictionary: A Snowbird is a Person usually Retired who Travels South for the Warmer Winter climates and returns North for the Milder Summer temperatures...I was first licensed in RE in 1977, also have my Life, Health, Property & Causualty Licenses, S...
Finding the right Snowbird Property is a life long dream for most Snowbirds, and a wave of the future to come... With the mass of baby-boomers retiring or about to retire, a good investment is in Snowbird Property & RV Property anywhere you choose to live! Love to Live and live to love our Snowbi...

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