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I'm not sure how the West was won. But I am sure of this: No state will benefit more from new mortgage changes about to be approved than California. Our company is so certain that a boom is about to occur that they have asked us to have clients ready to lock loans the minute the conforming limits...
There is definitely something about Broker Bryant's posts that always get me on my soapbox. His most recent feature includes some fascinating responses to the often heard Pollyanna statement: "NOW IS A GREAT TIME TO BUY REAL ESTATE". Well, it isn't a good time for everyone. This is like saying "N...
Are we stimulated enough yet? Wow, what a week. With the rate cut and the announcement of the President's $150,000 billion dollar economic stimulus package, the mortgage office has a buzz that has been absent for months. The phones are ringing off the hook with homeowners and potential homeowners...
 I am a consumer in America. Forgive me, for I have sinned. And excuse me if I am confused.               I have spent money I do not have to buy things, and charged it to my credit cards.               I have bought real estate that I cannot afford (now that I have to make the real payment).    ...
I used to think NO TRESPASSING signs were, well, just plain rude.  That was until I owned a property that I was forced to share with trespassers. Within no time, I was that rude property owner, and as far as I was concerned, there was no sign RUDE ENOUGH.How about this one: "Get the hell out of h...
Today, when a Realtor asks a mortgage broker this: "How long should the loan contingency be?", a mortgage broker just might say: "We can remove the contingency the day the loan closes."Why? Because until the lender FUNDS the loan, there is danger of it falling apart. In advance, I apologize to al...
As a new year begins many Americans are in an understandable economic funk. We resign ourselves to smaller cars and smaller net worths, hoping we can save not only ourselves from the ills of the last century, but also our jobs and our homes (or the equity in our homes). But is there a silver lini...

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