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As a small business owner, parent, friend, adult child, sibling or neighbor...Your plate can get incredibly full. Small Business owners tend to have more on their plate than most, honestly. Add the unexpected addition of life when you least expect it, and your plate can and will start hitting max...
I always look back at my mother's real estate business. Every experience growing up has absolutely defined who I am. I swore, after watching my mother build her empire, I myself would never be a business owner. I watched her work endlessly, never missing an opportunity to hand out her card and ta...
I'd love to go into this diatribe about how the mirrors in Nordstrom's are rigged to make me look thinner and better in the clothes I try on there (probably not a bad sales strategy, come to think of it!) Today, I'll spare you the pain of that conversation. Take a moment, however, and reflect on ...
I remember when my mom started her real estate business. She dragged my sister and I to town hall and made a list of every home owner who had bought their house in our town 6 years ago. Then she dragged us to the library, and while my sister and I were entertained with seeing if we could find a p...

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