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  I don't know what the winter has been like where you are, but here in Conway NH we have had almost 150 inches of snow and for even a die hard skier like me, I have had it up to my you know what!!!! Snow removal has become a new sport here and we get to practice each and every day! I have only r...
What a thought for someone in Real Estate! Or in any line of work for that mattter.Well that has happened to me and it creates a real challenge! I had minor throat surgery and Doc says I can't talk for 2 weeks. It has been about a week now.I find I choose my words more carefully when I write note...
 WE have all noticed that people with some dough are always looking for a good place to invest money for a return. Until the last 3 weeks that has been the stock market for sure. But now with a falling Dow, possible recession looming and plenty of motivated sellers, reasonable interest ratesm and...
Hi ThereBright sun and lots of soft snow! Wish I was Skiing! However life demans of us responsibility and I am being responsible. How unlike me! It seems people enjoy this blogging thing and it can expand our spheres of influence,gather important information and make new friends. All seem like a ...

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