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RECENT BLOG POSTS Home Park LoansWe specialize in providing mobile home park loans for investors looking to purchase or refinance their mobile home park. Unlike the banks offering 15-year or 20-year amortization, we offer up to 30-year amortization. We have Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac a...
Commercial Realtors come join us for our Commercial Property Exchange in Cedar Park, TX this Wednesday at 8:30. Closed to Vendors.  Click here for more details
cc: by: How to Tap the Equity In A Commercial Property WITHOUT Refinancing with our commercial equity loan.You know the situation.....client owns a property that cash flows nicely and has appreciated in value but it has a HUGE pre-payment on it like Defeasance or Yield M...
Stated Income Commercial Loans for investors or business owners that do not want to provide tax returns.  -- Wishing You the Best,Karen Schimpf   e: KarenSchimpf at gmail.coms: m: 512-354-5949 P.S.  I specialize in helpin...
Four reasons a 30 year fixed commercial loan could be a better solution for your business than SBA loans. -- Wishing You the Best,Karen Schimpf   e: KarenSchimpf at gmail.coms: m: 512-354-5949 P.S. I specialize in helping f...
cc: by: Stated Commercial Loans are loans that do not show income on the tax returns and show their income by stating the income via P&L. It is a fast-growing and rapidly expanding part of the commercial mortgage marketplace with new sources coming to market every few mon...
   cc: by: ... are an Alternative Loans? You may have heard of Alternative Commercial loans or Alt-A loans and wondered, what are those? Alt-A loans are loans that just miss the bank type of financing but are too good to be thrown into private money. It is a fast-growing ...
cc: by: DEAL OF THE WEEK - Herman Got Free! This week I want to share the story of Herman (name changed for privacy) and how a closing helped free him up from financial bondage. This loan closed last week. By explaining this deal a little deeper, I think you can get some ...
cc: by: have long been known as the place to go when the banks say 'no'. With our NEW LOWERED RATES-WE ARE THE PLACE TO GO FOR SBA 7A LOANS-PERIOD! Real Estate based 7A loans now have rates as low as Prime +1.00% with a 25 year amortization. WE CHARGE NO BROKER POINTS! ...
cc: by: You Need Money Before Year-End? Our Commercial Private Money Can Get it Done! With just a few weeks left in the year, I am struck once again by how fast time flies. Yet, often in the world of commercial lending, the loans seem to take forever. With holidays, end...

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