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I happen to agree with both the post and the comments and so decided to re-blog and share with some of my friends here on AR not familiar with Terry's blog.   Be sure to check out the graphics. Just in time for Christmas, the sure-fire best seller. Seriously, I think this will be a collector's i...
I think this one was really great giving that today is Thanksgiving Day and all. Like many Americans I have many things to give thanks for today, but one thing stands out above all the rest. The video in this post by Terry Chenier says it best.   November 26th, American Thanksgiving; what my Ame...
I managed to sneak in a few minutes away from the family this Thanksgiving Day to check my email. I soon realized that no one had even noticed I was missing yet so I logged unto AR to check in on some of my favorite blogs. This particular on by Terry Chenier caught my attention. I thought it was...
He's just sitting there without a care in the world. I could tell from the way he was moving his head around that he was very much aware of my presence. Yet he just stood there, posing for the camera. It even looks like he has his little claws crossed. I wonder what he's thinking. Any ideas?  
No, I'm not referring to the Harrison Ford movie. I'm referring to the crawl space. It seems that when it comes to the crawl space out of sight truly is out of mind. After all, who wants to go into a dark, cold, dirty crawl space along with all those nasty spiders and such? Well things that are i...
I first ran into this character last month and thought to myself that it was actually a really pretty looking spider. Of course my guys didn't appreciate my fascination and just wanted me to get rid of it. Don't worry, I didn't hurt it I only moved it out of out way. Then I came here to AR, poste...
Okay, are we ready to play? I'll be back tomorrow with the answer. I will give you all a hint. The answer in not the obvious hole in the floor. It does however has something to do with the floor. So now that you have a hint to get you started, Good Luck.  
Today I was told I was too thorough to be a home inspector. I was flabbergasted and speechless. Too thorough, is that a misnomer like "a little bit pregnant" or "moral majority"? How in the world can a home inspector be too thorough? Well, I went home still a little shocked over the conversation ...
Yesterday was Friday the 13th and my buddies Al and Peggy Cunningham up in BC tried to warm me. I had read their post SO IT'S FRIDAY THE 13TH...TOMORROW OR TODAY, DEPENDING WHEN YOU ARE READING THIS earlier in the day. They gave me some of the warnings. For example if there just happens to be 13 ...
Moisture and water beat away at wooden siding. That's why it's so important to trim trees and branches away from your home. It's also important to keep your siding properly painted and caulk around areas of possible water intrusions. Once the wood soaks up sufficient moisture carpenter ants are m...

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