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  Congratulations, you finally took the plunge and purchased that perfect get away home. So why are you being unkind to your new investment. Branches, shrubbery, flower beds and over grown vegetation against the siding of your home will eventually lead to structural damage. Especially if your hom...
This afternoon was boy's day out at the Therriault residence. After a full night of rain Friday night, followed by a full day and night of rain yesterday, the guys were ready to break loose today. This is my husband Michael with our two dog's Patch and Shep. Patch is the white Sasquatch size dog ...
Around Easter we rescued 4 baby chicks. Our chicks did what all living things do and grew to full size. So we have been enjoying the company of our 4 hens. Now I know its hard to believe that chickens can actually be fun to keep, but just like dogs and cats they do make cool pets. We consider the...
One of the most important and revealing part of the home inspection is the crawlspace. More often than not this is the part many inspectors dread most. Looking at this picture it's very easy to understand why so many inspectors feel this way Unfortunately the condition of the crawlspace directly ...
This deck collapsed for various reasons. The first was that there was no proper ledger board installed or attached to the structure. The second was that the deck was built from improper sized material and that it was lacking proper support. These problems should have been revealed within the sco...
It seems as though the spread of the N1H1 Virus has everyone on edge. Just a few days ago President Obama declared swine flu a national emergency. As of Monday Geisinger Hospital will change its visiting practices. Other area hospitals such as Pocono Medical Center have also taken this initiative...
One of the things about being a home inspector is being aware of our surroundings. What appears to be an over grown unsightly backyard, is actually a septic system in danger of being damaged by the roots of overgrown vegetation. The homeowner had not had a septic inspection prior to the purchase ...
These are two pictures of the Leigh River over behind my house. It rained Friday night straight through Saturday night causing the River levels and water flow to rise above normal for a brief while today. The bright Sunlight reflecting off the water caused for some interesting photo effects I tho...
Today I happened to have my camera with me from the moment I left the house. When I stopped at the local food mart I noticed this little guy hiding in the gravel up against the building. He reminded me of how in nature the creatures that survive to maturity are those who learn to adapt to their s...
I ran into this guy during a recent home inspection here in the Pocono's. This one was found on the deck railing, but there were several more in the crawlspace. Now, while I for one happen to like spiders out in the open where I can see them, I have to admit that they make me a little nervous whe...

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