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I took this picture during a home inspection this past summer. Can you tell me what I took a picture of?
It's funny, but when I joined Active Rain at the end of December of last year I never thought I'd make it past 10,000 points. Blogging was so difficult and I wasn't sure what to expect from my fellow Rainer's.   Well, it's been less than a year now and I just broke my first 100,000 points. I gues...
Ever wonder how many people the inspector you're hiring has hurt during the course of his/her career? You're probably asking yourself, now just how can a home inspector hurt anyone? Answer is pretty simple, by failing to their job right, by failing to see what he/she should be seeing, by being so...
This is what greeted me a couple of night ago when my 92-year old neighbor called me in the middle of the night after a circuit breaker in his house blew. It was raining out that night so I was a bit wet, had to climb down a home made wooden ladder that wasn't attached to anything. Dropped and br...
I took this picture during my first inspection today. I'm always amused by what some seller will and won't do when trying to sell their home. Sometimes it just seems to me like they prefer to ignore some of the most obvious things that are going to come up during the course of the inspection. Th...
While I was out this afternoon I couldn't resist stopping to take this picture. I thought it would be fitting for our group. This is only one of many on this property. It seems that the owners are firm believers in allowing nature to take it's own course. So can anyone tell me what it is?
My husband Michael has decided that this is the perfect way to end his Sunday. We had the dogs for 3 weeks now and every Sunday he finds the time to spend a few hours alone with them. Now with winter right around the corner I'm not sure how much longer they'll be able to keep this up, but for now...
Several years ago a friend of mine purchased a house on a lake in Upstate N.Y. Then about a month ago the lake was drained for repairs. Once the water level dropped he could see what was supporting his dock. All I could say was that this is a real bummer. He's now facing a pretty penny to get the...
During a recent crawlspace inspection I wanted to find a way to convey to my absentee that the box beam on the house he wanted to purchase had some very serious decay, but I didn't think that mere words would get the message across. This is one of many reasons I always encourage my clients to be ...
We all know that mushroom can and do grow wild, but has anyone ever seen them grow on someone's front yard like this? these guys are growing all over my daughter front yard. They recently leveled and seeded the front lawn only a 2 years ago. This is the first year these guys have sprouted Does an...

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