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Putting on your make-up while driving.  Okay, raise your hands if you do this.  In California, we have a law that was passed last year that you can't drive your car while you are talking on your phone.  So, we have a bunch of people with speaker phones in their cars and bluetooth.  That's great. ...
This is for anyone dealling with commercial real estate.  Whether you're a buyer, seller or agent, commercial real estate is in a for change.  It is no secret that the economy is struggling all around the country, some place worse that others.  If you are an investor, get in now.  For the next 1 ...
I know you have heard it before.  But this time it is a must.  The REO's are coming.  I just spoke with a top exec. at B of A, and they are drowning.  We have been told twice this year that the REO's will be dumped onto the market, and twice we have had moratoriums, keeping them under wraps.  One...
I am trying to win a contest for my doggy.  The winner gets to donate $10,000 to a charity of their choice.  Mine would be to the Animal Foundation in my neighborhood.  Please vote for COOPER!! Just click on the picture!!
Democrats have wasted no time in creating a new bill to change bankruptcy rules with the aim of reducing home foreclosures. Under the proposal, judges could order lenders to forgive some mortgage debt. The measure would change the law to give homeowners filing for bankruptcy the opportunity to re...
This is a plea for our environment.  President Bush is trying to destroy one of the few places we have to enjoy our beautiful nature.  Bush's plan is to auction off hundreds of thousands of acres of land near national parks.  A week from today, he wants to lease 276,000 acres of pristine land.  A...
If you haven't heard, there has been talk about the treasury dept. lowering the interest to 4.5%.  However, what you might not know is that the National Association of Realtors (NAR) was in secret talks with the treasury about how this would affect the economy.  The proposal would be something li...
So, the Big 3 are back again to try to beg for the money they say they need to stay afloat.  When they first came, in their private jets, they were asking for 25 billion from the taxpayer.  Of course, they said it was going to be a loan, which would be paid back.  But I wonder, if we pay for the ...
Economic activity has weakened across the United States since early October, while price pressures have eased with declines in retail and energy prices.  This is no secret to the American people.  We have been feeling the pinch for many months now. The Fed's Beige Book summary portrayed declining...
A couple of weeks ago, I talked about getting the Blackberry Storm.  I was pretty excited about getting this phone.  I needed a Blackberry, so I was waiting until this one came out.  I have been disappointed.  Here are some of the things I don't like about this phone.  First, I turn the volume up...

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