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Do Nothing - The stress of facing foreclosure can push many folks into letting the foreclosure process run its course. Doing nothing may not be the best choice, instead research your options, or find a source that can help you and provide solid direction. One of the options may be doing a attorne...
Obamas plan to rescue the troubled housing market’s philosophy is based on helping struggling homeowners stay in their homes so that plummeting property values begin to taper off, thus forming a bottom. There are many who refute this idea based on the fact that over 50% of loan mod in the first q...
In what could be a huge boost to the housing market, HUD Secretary Shaun Donovan’s has decided to allow florida mortgage broker to use the $8,000 government tax credit to help cover their down payment and closing costs on FLA FHA mortgages. One of the biggest challenges for first time home buyer ...
Are you late on your payments? Are you upside down on your house? Is your rate adjusting? Have you tried to refinance, but have been declined? Do you fear foreclosure? A modify mortgage is the best tool if you are behind on your mortgage and are headed towards foreclosure. With a loan modificatio...
Myth: Do you have to be late on your payments to get approved for a loan mod ? Fact: No, you do not have to be late, but it helps. You will get more attention and help from your bank if you’re late. I have seen it done many times when a home owner was not behind, but it is a lot more difficult. I...

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