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The year is 2007 any one who can fog a mirror can get a loan to purchase a home! Agents, Builders and Lenders are happy because they are all making money. The year 2008 comes and loans are failing, Builders filing bankruptcy, large and small real estate companies are closing their door, and agent...
With the downturn in the market and the downturn in many realtors' pockets, some of them are turning to rentals for easy and quick money!  When a realtor list a property for rent and it rents the money is almost immediate.  Example: The property rents for $1500.00.  Most of the time the realtor g...
Have you seen ever read the Harris Poll? Why just a few years ago we were rated lower than a used car salesperson or a lawyer. I am not saying that those are bad people but it is what consumers think that matter. Are some of us only thinking about how much money we can make as fast as possible a...
As recent as six months ago large and small real estate companies were closing their doors. Agents were getting out of the business left and right. Now that the fog has cleared up are there better days ahead for the true and faithful realtors?
Before the down turn in the market, selling and financing homes were no problem. Now with this new market of more homes under $100,000, finding a lender is very difficult. How do we solve this problem?
Are any of you professionals out here having success with TOP PRODUCER? Can you give me the Pros and Cons? What about eNeighborhood?
The time has come to change the way we market our services.  Sellers are starting to list with companies that are only charging under 5% listing commission for full service.  Buyers are starting to work with agents who give rebates.  Have you seen the changes?
With today's market, agents are looking for better ways to get new clients.  Are lead companies good? If you know any good ones please post them for the community.

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