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The economy is enabling many opportunistic people to partake in the role of investor/landlords. Loaded with cash, low interest rates, and inventory that is reasonably priced, these new investors are buying up homes quickly. In the six part series we will discuss your INVESTMENT TEAM, KNOWLEDGE, P...
In today's market, it is dificult to understand what to do if your about to loose your home. While there is a lot of information out there, how do you decipher what fits your current situation? 5 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW 1. Sale Date: Once you receive a letter from your mortgage company giving you...
President Obama just signed and sealed a $787 Billion stimulus plan. It provides tax cuts, spending programs, and best of all is a tax credit for first time home buyers. The plan aims at reviving the ailing economic state of the country. First Time Buyer: First time home buyers who purchase homes...
In today's Real Estate market we can all get lost trying to figure out whether it's a good time to sell or buy. Economic woes, plunging home prices, forecasters, and Realtors have conflicting/confusing opinions about the best time to take advantage of the market. As a buyer, how does one determin...
There are so many homes on the market today, how do you find a good deal? REO's, most deals are found in REO's(Real Estate Owned. Properties owned by banks). You need to learn how to shop for REO's to get the best deals. Here are some tips 1. Set Go: Be prepared, BANKS ARE ONLY INTERESTED IN SUCC...
  Beauty Pageant, Price War! Great way to describe this market! As sellers rush into this market, there are more and more homes that lack staging. Sellers are then confused as to why their home takes so long to sell? Without a doubt, this market is about buying the BEAUTY! Here are 5 tips for the...
I recently negotiated a great deal for my client! The property was selling for $650,000, the loans on the property plus the selling fees amounted to $629,00, and we bought it for $630,000. I know $20,000 is not that big of a deal, but the house was really underpriced and any lower it would have m...

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