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We also offer a loan modification program where our associate attorney negotiates the terms of your existing loan. Through the negotiations we try to lower your principal balance and/or your interest rate. We also negotiate a grace period to give you time to make your new payments. We specialize in helping people through these tough economic times. We pride ourselves on results and nothing else. We are Attorney Based. The Banks are not going to give you the best Deal for you Mortgage Loan Mod. Our Attorney Team Negotiates the terms of your existing loan. Through the negotiations we try to lower your principal balance and/or your interest rate.
When lenders agree to do a short sale in real estate, it means the lender is accepting less than the total amount due. Not all lenders will accept short sales or discounted payoffs, especially if it would make more financial sense to foreclose; moreover, not all sellers nor all properties qualify...
This year we have had 3 moratoriums on homes in California. This is scare for all homeowners because you really are not clear on how bad the real estate market is. Sell your home list it ASAP I can find one cheaper and better then the one you live in.BankOWN Write something about yourself. "Calif...
FRAUD......What are people thinking wihen they sign up for a mortgage?  They are not thinking at all, thats what they are thinking.   One issue is that folks can't do the math anymore, or maybe they can but are just to lazy.  I beleive that the common "joe" is getting caught up in the "I just got...
   Real Estate Law» Loss Mitigation» Foreclosure Prevention   Beverly Hills Law Associates is a national law firm comprised of experienced teams of attorneys that have represented plaintiffs and consumers from all over the country in many complex and high profile litigation matters. Our teams of...
i GAVE THIS GROUP OF HEROS my business and I got 000000.00000.0 Return The California civil code 2945 et seq. makes it a crime for foreclosure consultants (loan modification companies) to operate without Department of Real Estate's(DRE) approval and liable for treble damages, if they take advance...
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Beware !!! of Fake Wonder Women!!!! Women who say they can do your loan Mod.  cheap and fast with promises!!!!!  BEWARE !!!There are many scoundrels who prey on consumers in distress, please don't become a statistic, let Beverly Hills Law Associates, represent you through this difficult time. BEW...
How do you know you are not getting ripped off AGAIN by the same bank!   Protect yourself and your investment !!!!! Hire our Attorney Based Loan Modification Team. Watch your back!!! Everyone is claiming to do Loan Modifications. Everyone is subject to fraudulent schemes and con games in hard tim...
Getting a home loan modification is also all about educating yourself on what your options are.  There are an unlimited amount of resources available on the internet to research home loan modification or mortgage refinance.  Make sure to get information from relevant sites as there are a great de...
Unfortunately, the current housing crisis has greatly increased the number of foreclosures in many of the bubble states.  California, Nevada, Las Vegas and Florida have all seen steady increases in the amount of foreclosures.  When an individual or family cannot find a way to make their mortgage ...

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1 818 279-3079 Handing the sale leads, motivates, coaches, and mentors a team of up to 80 sales consultants and agents, realizing success through managing others as well as having the opportunity to maintain a portfolio of real estate sales business. Manages budget and operational components of sales office. Develops effective and relevant training and development programs for consultants and agents.: Implements selling programs that apply to individuals and the whole sales team. Oversees and assists with the implementation of business development activities in order to attract new clients. Consults and influences effectively and resolves conflict when necessary. Establishes relationships with pertinent departments of mortgage lending institutions. Working with international investors from China, Egypt, India,and other parts of the world. Maintains a strong understanding of compliance and regulatory requirements.