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Hi everyone, I just started a new blog and would love to hear some feedback on what people think. The link is at: Can you take a quick look and tell me what you think? Thank you!
With the economy slowing, many businesses are bracing for a dismal year. Job losses, a weak stock market, declining real estate prices, and distressed financial markets all point to a tough year ahead. This means that any business strategy that can reduce taxes and increase cash flow will be in h...
Specialized Property Engineering & Cost Segregation: Madison SPECS For Multi Family, Commercial, Retail and Hospitality properties. Whether you are buying a new property, expanding an existing facility or building a new one, a cost segregation study can reduce your tax liability and improve your ...
#32 Is anyone listening? You just can't say enough about the value of listening. Learning how to listen is one of the essential skills for success in life, both personally and professionally. Of course, many of our waking hours are spent communicating - we're talking and replying all the time, a...
#31 How organized is your desk? Some managers expect their most creative, productive workers to have messy desks, while others are convinced that a messy desk means a messy mind. What do you think? Do you need a clear desk in order to work efficiently? Or is a search team going to have to come r...
Hope all is well. I wanted to let everyone know that we just launched our new web site which has a tremendous amount of useful information about cost segregation as well as Madison SPECS ( ). I want to again bring to your attention that we perform a feasibility analysis, at n...
I just want to bring you up to date on the additional areas we service.   Madison Commercial Real Estate Services. MCRES is an umbrella organization that offers an array of specialty services for the commercial real estate market through a group of independent, but related companies.  ·        R...
At the center of every residential real estate transaction is an individual or a family that is emotionally charged-excited, probably a bit nervous and definitely stressed about timing.  Whether you're an attorney, a lender or a home buyer, the last thing you need is an unexpected delay at closin...
Another Site, is the world's leading free digital audio business library that uses the power of personal interviews and storytelling to capture and relay the advice of world-class business experts. What others are saying about this site: This site is PACKED with free au...
Additional information can be gleaned from our new website 1. What is the benefit of a cost segregation study? A cost segregation study generates an immediate tax benefit in the form of increased tax deductions for depreciation. Increased deductions mean lower tax payments. A...

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