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Mortgage and Lending - LICENSE IS NOT PLACED
Would you believe that less than an hour after I wrote the Blog-"Mortgage loans- The catch and release program.", I had a walk in customer that I had to let go? I was called up front, so I go and meet this guy. I welcome him to my office to discuss how we can help him. I pull his credit and look ...
Just like fishing. Loan officers have a catch and release program. Regardless of where the lead is genereated from, it works the same way. We take the lead, call the customer,qualify them and then decide. Do we catch them or release them. We have many programs to help people get homes. But, just ...
Keystone has announced that funds are available for closings available after July 11th 2007. This is a big thing for our area. There is a process that you have to go thru. But, it is a great program. There are different levels of assistance that you may qualify for. Ranging from 3% PLUS $2000,$10...
Well yesterday we received a mid day price change from our investors. It looks like the rates may move again today. I had a lock that I was a waiting for disclosures to return. I decided to go ahead and lock. Good thing I did. I saved my customer .125 on the rate. Keep an eye on the market.
What? You have heard of a Lender,Loan Officer,and a Broker. Right? Well I think I am the luckiest of the three. I have a Broker license.But I am not required to use it. I work for a Mortgage Banker. We Have our own money and we fund our own loans. Lets move ahead a bit.A Broker takes your applica...
You probably didn't even realize that you were doing it. When you place a sign in the Right of way, You are breaking the law unless you have a permit. Yes it is a great way to show that you have the best financing deal or You are having an Open House. But Chances are that you are breaking the law...
Have you ever been in a situation that you had a hard time telling a client that you couldn't do their loan? It is not a fun situation to be in. But, you have to make decisions based on facts ,Not emotions. If you have a customer that is excited to buy a home and they don't qualify, Don't be mean...
I have read a lot of people asking the same question. I am not a Realtor so I can honestly say that I am not Bias. Yes it is true that the market has changed and the values of homes has dropped. Unfortunately, there were some people that waited until the market was at it's peak to buy. News Flash...
I would like to know what the normal time it takes for you to close a loan. I almost always do a 30day lock. I set my goals for my processing to close a refinance in 14 days and a new purchase in 21 days. I tell my Realtor to put 30 days on the contract in case something happens that I need more ...
What is the best kind of advertising for a mortgage lender? I have tried a lot of different types. I would have to say that the most effective advertising that I have done is transit bus bench advertising. When I started as a mortgage person, I was told that I had to get my name out there. I said...


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