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General real estate information for Berks and Montgomery Counties. Particular useful tidbits for buyers and sellers.
Can't agree with this more! First impressions mean so much. Sellers, make sure the entry way into your home is inviting and open. You want to keep the buyers interest as long as you can - especially with so many homes on the market!I am a huge fan of Real Estate Agent and Mogul Barbara Corcoran. ...
Hard to believe but it's getting that time again! Time for the Amity Township, Berks County community yardsale, sponsored by Century 21 Gold. This year it will be May 19th. Sign up by May 12th. You can do it at our new location in Exeter or on our website: If you li...
You've probably heard real estate is a local market but here are some truths about some of the things you may have heard. If you have questions about your local market, please contact me.Today's Real Estate Market not only inspires questions from both home buyers and sellers, but seemingly everyo...
Your home is a reflection of who you are, so the colors you choose should too. Colors also have an impact on how we feel. Do you want your home to provide you with the feeling of calmness or would you rather feel excitiing? Read on to help you pick.Looking to brighten up your walls with a fresh c...
Hmmm. Are you afraid of radon in the home? Want to know more? This is a very good blog with outside sources for additional info on the topic. The more you know, the better armed you are!There is a saying: “The truth is what is so.” The truth is---what is so. Ponder this for a moment….. After rece...
Part of the problem when looking at what you can do to prepare your home for sale is that you are used to it. Over time, things that may have bothered you, you've gotten used to so you tend to overlook many things and think a buyer will too. Maybe some of the following thoughts were yours and may...
I read this and I was so impressed on such a difference with such a few changes, that I wanted to make sure more people could see this!   Sharon Sapp   Budget Bathroom Staging: Before & After Photos We’ve  all heard that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes…..but that doesn’t mean you have to do any...
So, you think no one will notice that you had water in the basement because you cleaned it up? or you think no one will notice that you re-wired the light in the kitchen? Think again. Sooner or later the buyer will know and it will cost you now or later, but it will cost you!When someone talks to...
Where do you plan to put your savings $$? Stock market, low interest savings account? Maybe you should think about real estate in today's market. Read on for some "food for thought". Is real estate a good investment? Real estate is often compared to stocks and bonds to determine which is the bett...
Did you know that you control 50% of the conditions that will sell your house? Read on. This is a good, simple article that lists the 6 most important factors in selling your home. Just remember, you control the listed price, but the buyers or market dictate the selling price. For a successful sa...

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