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Valentine’s Day has become one of the most commercially marketed “holidays” in the US, ranking closely behind Christmas and Halloween (yes, I said Halloween).   However, beyond all the corruption and desire for Big Business to make money on our sentiment, there is still some underlying desire to ...
  Will you Pay a 3.8% Sales Tax If You Sell Your Home After 2012??       I LOVE to write! It has always been a great passion of mine that until recently I had left behind.   However, one of the principal lessons I was educated on regarding this subject was from a woman who didn’t make it past the...
Julia Vigneron Maher's post is worth sharing for all of us in this business. We need to remember the ones who depend on us to protect them: the children. It is well worth the effort to be proactive in these cases instead of reactionary later. Please share this insight with your friends and family...
OK, I am taking the plunge. My eyes are wide open and I am not even holding my nose.      How’s that for courage?     In May of this year, I attended an incredible event in Chicago with a small, elite group of incredibly talented and gifted women. It was the mastermind of our Mortgage Girlfriend’...

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