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Your home is your sanctuary and the idea that someone can break in, take your things, violate your space and forever cause fear as you open the door is something you can protect yourself from. Nothing in life is guarantied, but you can up your odds of a happy welcome home. Do you have a security...
Bob writes of his experience working a Loan-Modathon in AZ. I have wrote several blogs about how BofA is going through the motions but appears to instead be in a land grab rather than doing the right thing and trying to keep people in their homes.  Not all loan mods work out. Owners agreed if the...
There is nothing cozier than a warm fire on a cold winter's day. But if you're trying to cut back on heating costs by using your fireplace more, it's important to make sure your chimney and stove are in top shape.  To help prevent fires, soot damage, and smoke, follow these chimney safety tips:  ...
Kevin has provided a great look at what is going on in our market- again. The sky is not falling, the earth is not opening up and we have been here before. No, we didn't like it then either. The interesting thing is how much of this story is relevant today. How many of these problems are the same...
I am so frustrated with the banks right now! Truth be told, they have a ton on their plate that they are trying to weed through and I do understand that it is a huge undertaking however... REALLY?!?! Out of 183 pages, they thought this? What is most frustrating is the true owners that highered he...
Ok, it is true, that is a song from Seseme Street! It was about  how somethings you cannot control are just.... unjust! I guess in my frustration my brain leads me back to something as simple as a goat singing about getting maaaaaad to cope with frustration. I had a client that got scammed by one...
Although this information is a bit California specific, the principle remains the same. During the inspection period, it is the buyers responsibility to do due diligence to answer any and all questions in regard to the condition of the property. Real estate brokers, home inspectors, appraisers an...
I recently had an experience with a seller that moved out right after we put their home on the market. I had talked with them about their need to call their insurance company to request a "vacancy rider".  But guess what? They called and found out that it costs them $50 a month more so the didn't...
With the re-funding of the USDA's lending program, housing sales in rural and fringe suburban markets should see revitalization. This is great news for both buyers and sellers! Benefits of the program include: • No-money-down financing • No mortgage insurance (a onetime funding fee is financed i...

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