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Why should I be your Loan Officer of choice??? My TOP 10  Reasons to put me to work for you   Number 10 - I offer all conforming and government products including USDA.  Number 9- Available 24/7 for service issues of any kind including price quotes, applications, pre-approvals and other valuable ...
Whenever anyone asks me what kind of dog Harry is, that's my response. After the inquirer utters "a catwhowho wholaha??" My next response is always to repeat the name slowly and give a brief history of the breed, state dog of Louisiana, used for hunting assistance, etc., etc, etc...... That disse...
Well last night I watched another in a long line of Presidential addresses I've seen during my half century as a US citizen. Yes, I am lucky enough to be an American and a life long registered Republican (shhh....don't tell anybody). As always is the case, the political party not occupying the Pr...
.......We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. I read with interest the Morning Call article on Monday which mentioned that, as...
Don't bother trying to get a hotel room in the Lehigh Valley this weekend if you don't have one already. There's no room at the Inn because the Valley is bursting with entertainment, nostalgia and action. This ladies and gentlemen is NOT a boring weekend by any stretch of the imagination. Far fro...
Good God has it been a long time since I was an entry level 'Tiger' Cub attending meetings in the church basement down at 15th and Chew in Allentown. Other than learning some pretty neat stuff as I completed the assignments from Tiger to Wolf to Bear and finally Webelos. I remember the fun my fri...
With all the chatter and the press relative to the Capitol Hill health care reform progress or lack there of comes a feeling of being akin to a mushroom. You know the one that goes, I just stand here in the dark while crap gets thrown on me. I have had this feeling on many issues that go before t...
The American Revolution was nearly entirely based on the perceived unfair taxing practices of England's King. After the smoke of the revolutionary war cleared and the tea in the harbor was sunk, we Americans were free from the rule of England. Freedom to worship as we pleased. Freedom to live as ...
Perspective and perception have an enormous impact on how each of us process information we receive. Over the last week and a couple days, many of my Associates have verbalized or written the above Blog title phrase on occasions too numerous to mention. After all, only 10 days ago, a 4.5% rate wi...
Anyone who knows me can tell you I am a dog guy. Yea, some will just tell you that I'm just a dog. They don't really know me that well! I'm talking about the folks that have known me since I was knee high to a grasshopper. Throughout my life, seems I have always had at least one canine companion,...

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