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Many factors have caused the current economic turmoil and certainly the answer must be as complex.  I certainly do not profess being an expert economist with all worldly knowledge of how the flow of money between banks and the fluidity of secondary mortgage markets effects the economy as a whole....
I thought it fitting to publicly thank both Remax International and Buffini & Co. for not cancelling the recent Remax Team Leader Summit in Las Vegas.  With such a volitale market, many team leaders decided to cut costs and not attend this year.  The turnout, I understand, was less than 200 vs. o...
So I was on my way to a listing appointment in Moreland Hills yesterday with the window down on a FINALLY 70 degree sunny day in Cleveland, leaves FINALLY growing on the trees and the awesome smell of the Spring flowers, and it hits me!  My topic for today's blog entry!Keep your pictures fresh on...
How to Represent a Buyer in a  Bank Owned TransactionSelling real estate in Ohio over the past few years, I have found that more and more foreclosures have led buyers who were normally arms length transaction purchasers to jump into the bank owned purchasing arena.  "i want a great deal!"  Heard ...
So I post my first blog last night at, what, 11:30pm?  All night I keep hearing the funky noise my cell phone makes when an email comes in.  Why am I getting so many dang emails in the middle of the night I wonder?  In the morning I pick up my phone and I realize it's been ACTIVEly RAINing commen...
I've blogged!  What does that mean?  It sounds like something that happened to Bill Murray in the movie Ghostbusters.  Really, though, I feel as if I just launched myself  I just recently came back from the 2008 Remax International Convention and everyone's talking about bl...

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