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Today's Rates Dec. 17th  30 yr fixed with 0 points is 5% 15 yr. Fixed 0 points is 4.75% FHA 30 yr. Fixed is 5.5% JUMBO 30 yr. Fixed is 6%  Provided by Carmella McGonegal - Mortgage Mobility - 215-901-8083
Christmas really is for the kids but adults may enjoy a few things on this short list. This is not everything that the Philadelphia area has to offer for the holidays, it's just a few.   1. The Holiday Light Show at Wanamakers: Across from City Hall on Market Street, you find the Wanamaker Buildi...
Keller Williams Real Estate Sponsors Coat Drive Every year, thousands of men, women, and children live through the cold winter season without a coat to keep warm. You may help provide them with this basic necessity through the Langhorne KW Cares Winter Coat Drive. I found a beautiful wool coat i...
Before i-tunes and downloads from the internet, music consumers trekked out to the local Sam Goody and bought CD's. And before CD's music lovers bought albums or tapes, or 8-tracks if you can remember back that far. However, the Internet changed the availability of music and as a result the music...
Not true today. However, it's not far from likely soon. The market has ups and downs. This is down, so what is down must go back up. Just like interest rates! Yes, it is a buyer's market. So why is buyer confidence down? National news has a strange effect on home buyers, even in Philadelphia wher...
The following Letter "Now More Than Ever" was submitted by my friend Jack Minnig, Guest Blogger. With the exception of the last 12-14 months, the past 4-5 years in the real estate industry has been very prosperous for most who have participated. For the investor, values escalated, for the fix and...
Last week 30-year mortgage rates dropped below 6 percent. Some brokers say their rates are as low as 5.25 percent. Wells Fargo rates today (12/2/2008):    Conventional is 5.375     FHA is 5.75  Contact: Rates are down since the Federal Reserve announced that it would bu...
1st time buyers should take advantage of this $7,500 15-year interest free loan from the government, especially to pay off high interest debt. EXPIRES JUNE 30, 2009 Who is eligible? First-time homebuyers or any homebuyers who have not owned a principal residence in the last three years How does i...
Between home searches on the MLS, I had a couple extra moments this morning to check out some listings on craigslist. Honestly, I was really looking for a playhouse for my son and typed in "house" in a section that I did not expect to see this word: FORCLOSURE! I can't seem to escape it! It is ev...
My husband, Big Joe, never watched so much baseball up until this recent Phillies season. I didn't understand why. I would listen to him spew statistics... actually scratch that... I would PRETEND to listen to him WHILE he spewed statistics since the spring training... ... I started to believe i...


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