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The basics of the first-time buyer tax credit before they were revised in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. If you bought your first home last year after April 9, 2009 you are eligible for the lesser of $7500 or 10% of your purchase price in the form of a tax "credit." You can not have ...
Mortgage Rates went up a little, but every little bit counts. Fixed rate Conventional 30 year mortgage is 5.125% with zero points Purchases - mortgage amounts of $250,000.00 with credit scores of 720 OR Fixed rate Government 30 year mortgage is 5.375% with zero points Purchase - mortgage amounts ...
At last! the much anticipated changes to the the first-time homebuyer tax credit are in. The most noticable difference from the last $7500 tax credit is that it does not require repayment if the house is not sold within 3 years. Beginning January 1, 2009 until December 1, 2009 first-time homebuye...
Visit my Philadelphia and Bucks County Real Estate Blog at it's new address:  Featuring Northeast Philadelphia and Lower Bucks County Real Estate. As some of you know I usually blog here at Although both blogs may at times contain the same info, you will...
              Smart Girls Own Real Estate Workshop Head 2 Toe Salon and Spa is hosting monthly real estate workshops. Attendees will learn the ins and outs of home financing and first-time buyer grants, plus the advantages and pitfalls of owning their own home. In addition, attendees will receive...
Q: There is a home for sale on my block in Castor Gardens that says it's a "short sale," and my son would like to buy it. Does that mean it will be a fast settlement, and can my son offer less than the owner is asking? A: Selling a home through a "short sale" means that the homeowner owes more on...


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