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I truly envy the founding fathers of this country, such great thinkers and oraters they were. I do quotes of the day elsewhere and usually they all come from them. This one seems so simple, but yet so deep when you really think on it. A slip of the foot you may soon recover, but a slip of the ton...
One of the things that I have learned, and was even more affirmed while watching The Secret was that we really need to be aware of how we are projecting our thoughts. For years I have been paying down my debt and working up new plans to get out of debt. Never did I sit down and think that by thin...
Hi to all,  Besides being a full time Realtor, for the last three years I have run a Private Charity, Called The Foundation for Safer Housing.        The mission of the Foundation for Safer Housing Inc. is to provide innovative solutions to housing related issues for the betterment of our society...
  Like everyone here I do a lot of driving, and I have the typical signs on the side of my car. However, I added one of these little things to the trunk of my car. And I have had about 15 calls in the last two months, with 3 of those being closings. And a few more contracts on the way.     Think ...
So I walked into a listing client home today to finish getting the contract signed and take some pictures. When I went down to the basement the smell of cat urine was so overpowering that it near made me sick. I tried commenting on it and my client didn't seem to notice it was there.  It is going...
I have been toying with ideas recently on how to get a large group of new realtors to talk amongst themselves and brainstorm. I have learned and seen generally that there is an excitment that happens when you are knew to the business. You are motivated and ready to go. I put up my new site The Ro...

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