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Let's Turn This Market Back Around!!
Now that we no longer have the Down Payment Assistance Program... will Construction come back... What I mean is if a Borrower is his own builder he can get the required down payment thru "Sweat Equity"... will that be the loop hole or will the small banks prevail and start doing the "Good Ole Boy...
Remember back when we had to save money and earn our right to own a home????  Well they are back and you remember the hand full of Loan Officers that assisted the world in buying a home????  Well we  need them back too!!!  They knew the way to work the rules and got the job done... Getting back t...
My daughters preform with a competition cheer group, they need sponsors, they will be preforming on ESPN this Fall & Winter, as a sponsor, you get some great advertisement for you company, and believe me, these people believe in supporting our supporters!!!  Sponsorships range from 75.00 to 300.0...
I think the Olympics could not come at a better time, it has turned the media away (for the most part) the real estate, I'm not a betting person, but I would bet that we see an increase in sales for August because of the media's attention looking elsewhere!
Our office is commited to helping the Real Estate World of Alabama understand this bill, we are setting up meetings with different Real Estate groups to explain the bill and how it will effect your Buyers and Sellers, if you are interested, please contact me.    
I have two couples building a vacation home together, they both want to know who will pay what for the utlities, up keep, appliances, etc., they have asked that our firm come up with an agreement to work this out for them.  I need your input on who should do what.. for instance, couple 1 is in th...
Ok, the market is slow... so we are all looking to make new relationships with new clients...the problem is these "new" clients aren't new to the real estate world, if they have made it this far, they probably have someone they are working with and the only hope of getting them to come over to yo...
Just our of curiosity... I wanted to know how bad the values had dropped (really, not what the media says) so I pulled files in my office for repeat buyers and sellers... Here is what I found... a condo purchased in August 02 for 94,000.00 sold in August 2008 for 106,810.00 almost a 13% increase ...

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