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The real estate sector is still humming along, but has been showing signs of tapering off in recent months. Economists are generally predicting that home prices will continue to rise in 2018, just not quite as fast as they did in 2017.The most recent data from the National Association of REALTORS...
As you’re assembling a team to help you develop your business into a full-fledged real estate powerhouse, you need to think critically about the type of people you want to surround yourself with.First hire: AssistantThe first step to building a strong team is finding somebody to take over much of...
Super proud to say that Egypt Sherrod is one of eCommissions partners. She recently wrote a blog for us on common mistakes buyers make that was perfect for sharing on Active Rain. Hope you enjoy! P.S. Have you seen these/is there any other common mistakes you often see? Love hearing stories from ...
Senior citizens are a growing demographic that represent a valuable market for REALTORS® we work with. Many seniors are looking to sell their family homesteads and move into smaller houses and condos that are more affordable, easier to maintain and provide easy access to amenities and services th...
All signs suggest that the American housing market will continue to grow in 2018, continuing its comeback from the Great Recession. Here's our take at eCommission on why the market should continue to increase based on industry experts and trends we're noticing perosnally.  The economy is strongUn...
A lingering pet smell can really put a damper on an otherwise appealing home. But there are proven ways to get animal odors out of houses. They’re worth learning since they are bound to come of use in a long career in real estate.Start with the vacuumBefore we get into specialized techniques, you...
Sales generally tend to slow down as summer comes to a close, but if you keep hustling, you can make deals no matter what the season. Because it follows summer, the most active season for sales, fall does demand a few unique considerations. Here are some ideas for how to keep the wind at your bac...
For many buyers, there is no part of the house more important than the kitchen. The fact is that many people spend more time in that room than any other because that’s where they prepare three meals each day. They want it to be a pleasant, comfortable place to be.For Realtors® we work with at eCo...
It’s hard enough to get a few people to entrust you with negotiating the purchase or sale of the biggest investment of their lives. But developing the consistency and reach needed to become one of the area’s top real estate agents is not something that most people are able to do. Here are effecti...
As a real estate agent, your job is to look after your client’s interests. That means explaining the pros and cons of every potential deal, including offering your own opinion. This is especially important when you believe a client is at risk of making a bad purchase.Here are some situations when...

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