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As an editor constantly revising in the name of brevity, I love Twitter. The 140-character limit forces the ramblers to get their points across succinctly, and often gets right to the heart of the message. And personally, tweeting (and writing in general) is like a never-ending competition with m...
Once upon a time (and by that, I mean just a few years ago), expired listings and FSBOs were the hottest ticket in town for real estate agents. As of late, I haven’t seen too many headlines regarding them, but I am finding that tapping into these areas is still high on priority lists for agents....
Let’s face it – we’re all mesmerized by the homes of the elite. Scrolling through gorgeous photos of an NYC penthouse or a multi-million dollar Miami mansion is one of my guilty pleasures, made all the more compelling by the insane media coverage surrounding these transactions. Leo’s listing agai...
    *Originally posted here. As real estate brokers and managers continue to look for new ways to revitalize their teams and increase their bottom line in 2014, one renowned authority firmly believes that the best place to motivate agents and clarify expectations is in sales meetings.   Unfortuna...

Suzanne De Vita

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