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Your first experience finding a rental was most likely in you early 20s, where the criteria was price, proximity to university or work, and price. It involved a lot of time in the classified section of the local newspaper and phone calls, which may or may not have allowed you to see the propertie...
We have recently been approached by various owners that want to rent their properties out on a month-to-month basis.  Most of these owners have been "stung" by previous tenants.  It's possible that the tenant wasn't properly screened; but it's also possible that bad things just happen.  Either wa...
You can't handle the truth.  That's exactly what I feel like yelling out when my homeowner wants to be present during a showing.  Renters are a particular subset of the overall real estate market.  Unlike some buyers who are looky-loos, there are very few to no looky-loos in the rental market.  T...
Two days in a row, two water leaks in a row, both in the ceilings of units we manage.  Both issues also in condominium/townhome type structures.  The HOA does not typically cover anything inside the units, so what happens next? First, be thankful that you hired a professional property manager to ...
With a general decrease in home values in our marketplace, many owners are renting out their homes because they "can't afford to sell."  As rental property owners, when we decide to rent out our homes, we need to reset our minds to that of an investor.  An investor is more detached from the asset...

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