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Do i mean the market?  No, the Minnesota weather will be below zero this weekend.  Does that mean I will not be working?  It may be the best time to go look at homes.  You can check the R-Factor on the homes insulation, does the furnace work, fireplace?, windows good.  Always good to have some ty...
BOA to buy Countrywide.  Credit Crunch.  This is good news for buyers with good credit and a job.  Affordability is better than ever!  Call your lender now.  Let's get pre-approved and go shopping for homes!  30 year rates are still dropping.  5.5% for 30 year, 4.8 for 15 year. Need to re-finance...
The market sets the price, the sooner a seller can accept that the better.  It will make it easier to accept a lower price.  You should not be offended--this is what is happening now.Your items that you always wanted to fix in your home, but were waiting....well the time has come.  Fix all those ...
Want a place to property search, search for SOLD homes, and find your homes value with CyberHomes?  You can find all that in one fun place--- Studies have shown that the consumer's biggest requests online are for property search, searching for what has SOLD, and getting onli...
The phones are starting to buzz, buyers are starting to come out of their hibernation.  It is getting busier.  Are we hitting bottom of pricing?  If we can get the inventory to start coming down, now that prices have come down, that market will balance out.  There are a lot of great buys out ther...
Interest rates are now 5.5%-5.75% for 30 year loans, maybe about 5.15% for 15 year loans.  It must not be the interest rates holding people back right now--as these rates are very low.  Don't know where they are going, but I do know that if you are employed and have good credit--getting a loan is...
My goal this year is to stay positive and make it a Great '08 for everyone that I work with. What does this mean?  It means that I spend time with clients to understand their situation and work through challenges with them. My motto is to by your Real Estate Guide.  There may be some treacherous ...
01/03/2008  is the site to view about the NorthStar Commuter Rail from Big Lake, Minnesota to downtown Minneapolis.   Check it out.  If you are one of the people living in these areas--Big Lake, Elk River, Anoka, Coon Rapids, and anywhere close--you are ready to tr...
Minnesota has very resilient people.  Most people who move here tend to stay.  Don't know why with the cold and snow.  But, maybe it is the change of seasons, and the Minnesota nICE.  Whatever it is, Minnesota hasn't had huge swings in the real estate market prices historically.  The correction m...
Attention Buyers: Now that you are in the mood of buying for others, why not buy for yourself?  The interest rates are low, inventory is still at highs, and as long as you have a good job and good credit, getting a loan will be no problem.  Start by setting up a search on my website at www.myhome...

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