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Hi everyone, don't you think that it is so important to pay attention to what we are listening to. The skill of selective listening is something that I was taught about three years ago and it also helps with time management. Don't spend most of your time on voices that don't count, voices that ar...
Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know that Paul Clayton has now joined the team here in the Rain. Paul is an amazing customer service and marketing rep for Ticor Tile in Westlake Village, Ca. He has been in the real estate business for 8 years and is highly respected in the industry with helpi...
Hi everyone, I would like to intrdrduce Christina Marquez to the Activerain community. She is also in the Title industry and has been serviceing Ventura County for well over ten years. I can tell you that she is a lot of fun and has a great attitude towards life. Please stop by and make her feel ...
Hi everyone and happy Sunday. I just wanted to share a fun website that you can use to market yourself a little differently. when I say out of the box I mean that you should separate yourself from the croud. When a potential client sees a marketing piece that you have done, he or she should say "...
Hi Everyone, Jeff Phillips is one of the hardest working real Estate agents that I know. He spends his time supporting local charities and figuring out how to make the Simi Valley/Moorpark Association of Realtors an even better association. Oh, and he is also a lender. Anyways, I finally convince...
Hi everyone, please welcome Tammy Harvey-DiPrima to the Activerain network of stars. She is a fantastic agent out of the Troop Real Estate office in Westlake California. She will definitely be able to share some good info and school us all on a few subjects. Send her a warm welcome to get her sta...
Hi Everyone, I have a meeting that I am doing this morning on motivation. I want to share a couple of notes with you and see if you agree. Motivation is a mystery. Why does one salesperson see his first prospect at seven in the morning and another is just getting out of bed at ten? I don't know. ...
Hi everyone, just a quick blog before I hit the hay. I have shared a blog about leadership a while ago but i am preparing for a presentation to the Boys and Girls Club which I sit as a Board member. It deals with leadership within family and in the business arena. I think about all of you Realtor...
Hi Everyone, I was doing a little searching and I was able to find this Open House Registry that is in PDF format for easy printing. I would suggest maybe custimizing it with your contact information and possibly your picture. After that, you can print out 15 to 20 and make yourself a nice little...
Hi everyone, I am getting smart today and turning in my Mercedes to get a more economical car. I have always been a car guy and enjoy driving something very nice because it makes me feel a great sense of accomplishment. it is not just the fact that the current economic situation is a little tough...

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