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Hi Everyone, something that came up on Friday during a sales meeting really caught my ear. I do a lot of meetings in which I share good information with real estate agents and I hope they are paying attention to me. Am I a good communicator? The goal of effective communication should be for the l...
Hi everyone, I hope that all of you California Realtors will make a plan to come to the business and tech expo in Long Beach in October. Learning is the key to this business that we are all in and things change constantly so we need updating. I know that I am just an affiliate but I think that it...
Hello everyone. When we join these groups, it is important that we know what we want to accomplish from it. Hopefully we want to be able to grow and learn. If you join an easy crowd you won't grow.  I always try to surround myself with people that are smarter than I am (which is easy to find) so ...
Hi everyone, this is a link to a very cool video that John Burnes Real Estate consulting firm released a while ago. It shows us what has happened in the Market since the 70s and also why each market condition came about. It is a rollercoaster cartoon and was done very well with a lot of thought. ...
Hi everyone, hope that you are making this a great day. I have been saying lately that things just cost too much but then my real estate buddy said the problem isn't that things cost too much, you just can't afford it. This is true on how I manage my business plan. There is as much business out t...
Hi Everyone, I have been blogging now for a short period of time and I see Tags bar at the bottom. Does this mean that if I type in the title of my blog, that it will hit more groups or profiles. I see on my sons myspace that you can get tagged but I never really inquired about it till I started ...
Good Morning everyone, The term being value added has now been used so much that it is time to find the next term. But Value added does mean a lot when you are trying to present everything you have to a potential client. The tools that you have to sell a home are extremely important but so is the...
Good Morning everyone. Make today the day that you write down your plan for this next year. It is the most important item in your business ideals to have your goals written down so that you see if you are connecting with them. Have short term and long term goals so that you can see yourself succe...
Hi Everyone, here is a good question to ask yourself today. Am I doing everything I can to follow up with clients that I have had some sort of contact with? It is CRITICAL in any kind of sales career that you have a " Touch " system in place so that you can keep track of who you spoke to and when...
Hi Everone, Scott here. So what do you think? This was a great thing that happened yesterday because frees up the lenders to be able to LEND. The restrictions that Fannie & Freddie had on lenders made it hard for them to be able to loan to even well qualified buyers and refinance-rs. The governme...

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