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Foreclosures...Risk vs. Reward: Part I   Foreclosures... you've seen them by the hundreds each and every week appearing on the national news outlets and the Defiance county sheriff's auction site.  You've also heard exciting stories from late night infomercials and the typical friend of a friend ...
 Have you ever put on a pair of jeans after washing them and found a dollar or two crumpled up in the pocket?  Everybody loves to find money.  Now, think what it would be like to find $5,000 in your pocket.  That's exactly what is happening right now in the Defiance area, as several of our local ...
If you haven't been downtown lately, you are in for some challenges as each week they continue to work on the sewer project.  Today they had Second Street shut down right in front of the court house.  If you haven't been to Defiance before you'll know that Second Street is a major road in town as...
I'm So excited as I just saw the coming week's forecast.  It looks sunny, 70's and clear. I definitely was born in the wrong part of the country as I've never really enjoyed the cold.  My parents are both from Mississippi, yet I was born and raised just south of Chicago.  After they retired, my p...
It has been exciting as of late as I've started seeing a lot more activity in the Defiance Area market.  I attribute the activity mostly to the good weather we've had lately and the inventory of homes that are available in this market.I wrote a post a few posts back that tell of how the market is...
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March Housing Statistics If you've thought of buying or selling a home in the Defiance area, you have probably wondered what the housing market was doing here in comparison to the national market statistics.  So, each month I will be bringing you the Defiance area's housing statistics to keep you...

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