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It seems to me that a social conscience real estate investor can real make a difference in a community. Back in the "good old days" the local bank was the cornerstone of the community. The bank was the custodian of local deposits that provided the cash needed to fulfill dreams and aspirations or ...
Back in "the good old days" when the Dow was below 1,000 (yes one thousand) and securities were simple (no derivatives, no hedge funds, the futures market only dealt in commodities like corn, etc) the long term investor could make intelligent decisions. Fundamentals were key. You looked at indust...
How many times have we seen the bargain hunters camping out in front of a store that is having a huge sale? I was a stockbroker back in the early eighties when the stock market had a big sale. It was like kids in the candy store picking up blue chip companies for bargain basement prices. As far a...
The old saying "cash is king" is very popular when it comes to real estate transactions. During this period of economic uncertainty and banking difficulties, real estate sales are down because of the lack of cash in the market. The average days on the market for real estate listings is growing ev...
  Ask any economist and they will tell you almost everything boils down to "Supply and Demand".  Well, if there is one investment that has a limited supply, it is real estate. We can't make any more of it. Your retirement funds, unless you are quite close to retirement, should be investing for th...

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