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It is that time of Year when a lot of us take the time to clean up at work, home, office  etc.  I just wonted to share a website with you that you get $15 worth of listing for free.   Happy Holidays  
Free Traffic-Getting SEO Plugin... that's what Jeff Johnson calls it. It's his newest free SEO software that you can use to grab more free traffic from the search engines. Version 2.0 was just released and it is easier to use, and more powerful than ever.All you have to do it plug it into your bl...
I have listened to the debate for a while now.  However, I have had the pleasure of using both.  I was using the blackberry for business and the  iPhone for personnel use.  What do you think about smart phones when it comes to increasing productive?   Recently, I was looking at home with my broth...
I find this course to be and easy read.  I have learned a lot from this course.  
Investors still can sell their private trust deed or land contract in today's economy.  There are four factors that an investor must consider to sell their trust deed in 48 hrs.  1.       Must be a first position note 2.       Payor  credit score  has to be 600 and above 3.       Property must ap...
When property sellers need to receive as much cash as possible immediately for the down payment on their next house, it is critical to anticipate this need in order to use seller financing to their advantage. Getting top dollar for a note In a typical seller-financed closing, the seller only rece...
Would You Like Cash For Your Monthly Payment? Are you receiving payments on a private loan? Would you rather have cash now? If you're receiving payments on any type real estate note, promissory note or private loan, we can help! Get Cash Now! Sheldon is a specialist in getting people cash for rea...
Market pricing for real estate cash flows Banks and other financial institutions purchase cash flows on a regular basis. These payment streams are often purchased without a discount. Aside from a change of recipient address for their monthly payments, the transfer is completely seamless to the pa...

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