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Information for Real Estate professionals. Professional home inspection services. Providing home inspection services to Southeast Michigan. Including Canton, MI Ann Arbor, MI Belleville, MI Plymouth, MI Northville, MI Novi, MI Livonia, MI and surrounding areas.
Yesterday presented an unusual find during  a Southeast Michigan home inspection. Attic inspections are always performed last as part of my Step-By-Step process of inspecting a home unless the home has a raised foundation.   The first picture shows a B-Type Vent used for gas-fired equipment (Fur...
  An important aspect of providing home inspection services is managing client expectations so our clients know what to expect. My inspections are always conducted after the agreement has been reviewed and completed with the agreement being sent out sometimes several days prior to the inspection....
The Ancient Greeks named the mineral asbestos, meaning inextinguishable. Apparently even the Greeks were aware of the harmful properties in asbestos and the effects of breathing asbestos dust. The Greek geographer Strabo and the Roman naturalist Pliny the Elder mentioned a sickness common with sl...
 Holiday time means sweet potato casserole time in the Santos home. Each year I look forward to this dish on Thanksgiving and pray for plenty of leftovers. This year we had a packed house and that dish was too soon consumed. My typical Thanksgiving day consists of watching football on the televis...
 Believe it or not this is a "not so uncommon" installation. Either the installer put them their to.... well I don't know. I tried to come up with an excuse for this install but I have nothing. Photo eye / safety beams, electric eye or whatever you want to call them do have a proper installation ...
I'm thinking this was not an issue prior to the installation of the storm door. And why does one need a storm door in the garage anyway? Actually it wasn't until I walked up the steps while holding the railing that it literally hit me.   A day in the life of a metro Detroit home inspector.  
 Last minute cancellations are part of business for all of us. I've learned to accept it and move forward. But lately it's gotten out of hand. I've received three cancellations in a row the past three days with today being the third. This morning I drove close to an hour to drop off a CRM only t...
 Recently a client told me about a site that allows you to check neighborhoods in Michigan for possible registered sex offenders. I've never considered this until they mentioned it but it makes sense especially if you have, or are planning to have, children in your home. Of course as soon as I he...
 It's 10:00 PM and you just started to relax from a long day of inspections and inspection reports. Thinking ahead to the next day you map out, in your mind, your steps in an attempt to achieve good usage of time. An assistant Pastor I knew used to say, "proper prior preparation prevents poor per...
 During a recent Metro Detroit Home inspection my client was humored by the obvious slope around doors. I was amused at the way the previous owners patched up the cracks, painted, and framed the doors to make up for it. An out of square door here and there is common but I don't think any doors in...

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